Enemy Tattoo

Enemy Tattoo Crew

The Enemy Tattoo was opened on May 1st 2001.The name of the shop was part joke and part joust at an established shop less than a block away. This Tattoo Shop was put together the old fashioned way, After 20 some years of tattooing and working for egomaniacs, and idiots who thought it would be super cool to own a tattoo shop, OR people who didn't even tattoo. I took a job framing houses during the day to get the money and resources to go remodel the place at night until a year later, amongst the blood, sweat, and tears we finally opened to little fanfare. 13 hour days 6 and 7 days a week with little pay will take its toll on the best of us, however, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, I think.

It's now been 8+ years since those humble beginnings. Our state of the art new location (see the map under Directions) sets the standard for the Tattoo Industry. Professional Member of the National Tattoo Association and the Alliance of Professional Tattooists, 8 full time Award winning Artists, separate enclosed Piercing and Sterilization facilities, Professional autoclave testing and monitoring, and top notch customer service have raised the bar for Everett and the surrounding areas. Come see for yourself!!